Pro-Biodiversity Business

Assessment of potential to encourage pro-biodiversity business in Bulgaria and Croatia

Dimitrova L., V. Goba, P. Goriup, J. Munic, Y. Waarts (Eds)

ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation, 2008

The aim of the project ‘Establishing pro-biodiversity business opportunities in Bulgaria en Croatia’ was to create appropriate financing opportunities for companies so that they can benefit from the positive financial gains while ensuring biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Some previous studies have already investigated the entrepreneurial resources in Bulgarian wetlands and grasslands for starting or expanding SMEs with a pro-biodiversity orientation. In Croatia, such a study was needed to identify the possible willingness on the part of SMEs in that country to engage in a pro-biodiversity investment programme, prior to EU accession. In both countries, the follow-up by local entrepreneurs will ultimately depend on the availability of capital in the form of loans and/or equity at a reasonable interest rate or internal rate of return.

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