Nature works for regions!

Inspiring examples of good practice

Torre-Marín, A., M. Snethlage & B. Delbaere

Prepared by ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation (2012)

ISBN 978-90-76762-31-9

In recent years, ECNC has collected an extensive number of practical examples which aim to encourage people who wish to become involved with biodiversity, inspire them and show them that local biodiversity is beautiful and can effectively deliver services. As part of this collection, numerous examples of biodiversity activities by local and regional authorities and businesses from around Europe have been included in this publication.

A number of these examples illustrate how biodiversity and ecosystem services inspire or work in local and regional situations. The publication is divided into six themes which deal with food, water management, climate change, pollution, human well-being and biodiversity conservation. Each theme is briefly introduced, together with a few practical suggestions for action (what can you do?), and illustrated with selected real-life examples. Many of these examples have multiple benefits beyond the topic that they are placed in.

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