Monitoring of biodiversity in Ukraine

Pilot study of public involvement in the monitoring of biodiversity in Ukraine

Kostiushyn, V.A., V.M. Grishchenko and O.V. Vasyluk

ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation and the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, 2009

Taking into account that Ukraine’s area and population size make it one of the largest European countries, the level of development of the biodiversity monitoring programmes based on amateurs is insufficient. There are several reasons for this: lack of tradition, the economic situation in the country in the last twenty years and the absence of Ukrainian sources of funding for nongovernmental organizations to involve the public in biodiversity monitoring.

This is why one of the aims of the project ‘Supporting public involvement in building capacity for Ukrainian biodiversity monitoring’, funded by BBI-Matra, was to conduct a pilot project related to the involvement of volunteers in monitoring biological diversity.

Four species were selected for the pilot study: three animals — the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia), the Stag Beetle (Lucanus cervus), the Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio machaon) — and one plant: the Martagon Lily (Lilium martagon). The results of the pilot project for these species can be found in this publication.

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