Making the connection

Guidelines for involving stakeholders in the implementation of ecological networks

Jones-Walters, L., M. Snethlage, K. Čivić , A. Çil and I. Smit

ECNC–European Centre for Nature Conservation, 2009

As the policy frameworks for ecological networks at different levels have become more widespread and sophisticated, interest in the translation of plans into the practical implementation of ecological networks has increased. There is a clear need to support and actively drive this move towards practical implementation throughout Europe.

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (ANF), in recognizing this need, therefore sponsored the project ‘Knowledge for Ecological Networks (KEN)’, whose aim was to investigate current practice, identify best practice and specify gaps in knowledge. Based on this, it sought to derive innovation and provide guidance for key actors who are or may be involved in creating ecological networks in practice.

This report provides advice and recommendations on the practical implementation of ecological networks in real situations, including how to stimulate knowledge transfer, practical partnerships and consensus-building within and between the stakeholders involved.

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