Local Biodiversity Action Planning for Southeastern Europe

Spotlight on the activities

Cil, A., Ognjanovic, D., Atmis, E., and Jones-Walters, L.

Prepared by ECNC–European Centre for Nature Conservation and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)

This report is produced as a part of the international project ‘Biodiversity and ecosystem services for local sustainable development in Southeastern Europe’.

ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation and REC Regional Environmental Center and its country offices have carried out this three-year project (end of 2008 – end of 2011) in ten municipalities in South-Eastern Europe which aims to integrate biodiversity and ecosystem services into local sustainable development policy and actions.

The project – also known as the SEE-BAP project – owes its success to the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which is committed to contributing to the alleviation of poverty, sustainable development and capacity building in the region. SEE-BAP focuses on selected rural municipalities and key local stakeholders in the target countries of the Finnish regional environmental development cooperation in the Western Balkans.

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