Communicating the Pan-European Ecological Network

An analysis of the implementation and communication processes for ecological networks in Europe

Karen Gilbert, Sandra Rientjes & Sebastiaan van ‘t Erve

ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation, 2005

ISBN: 90-76762-22-8

In 2003, ECNC published a first study into the topic of awareness and support for ecological networks, ‘Communicating PEEN Phase I: ‘Support for ecological networks in Europe: an indicative social map’. The current report builds upon this work and analyses the implementation of the ecological network concept on a national, regional or local level in a number of European countries (Estonia, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom), and of the awareness of and support for the concept of a Pan-European Ecological Network in these countries and at the European level.

The report also pays attention to activities undertaken in these countries to promote communication about ecological networks with relevant stakeholders and looks below the surface to attempt to establish the motivations within different countries for implementing ecological networks or, indeed, for deciding not to apply the concept. 

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