Agri-environmental indicators

for a sustainable agriculture in Europe

D.M. Wascher (Ed.)

ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation, 2000

ISBN: 90-76762-02-3 
This report summarizes the findings of an EU Concerted Action project on agri-environmental indicators that was implemented in the period between April 1998 and October 1999. The project, that became known under its short name ELISA (EnvironmentaL Indicators for Sustainable Agriculture), brought together a team of 12 European experts and policy analysts in the fields of agriculture and the environment.

The information that is presented in this report derives from contributions of the project partners that were presented at two international workshops in Tilburg (April 1998) and Budapest (March 1999). All project activities and the first workshop were coordinated and organized by ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation.

The project provided the opportunity to further explore the theoretical as well as the practical realm for integration in the field of agri-environmental issues at the macro-level of the European Union.

Unfortunately, there is no pdf of this report available.