Recognizing Natura 2000 benefits

Development of a tool for valuing conservation measures

Prepared by ARCADIS Belgium, ECNC–European Centre for Nature Conservation and Eftec, 2011

The purpose of this ‘Tool on conservation measures’ is to guide appraisal of the economic impacts of conservation measures taken to manage Natura 2000 sites in the EU. It clearly demonstrates the numerous links between concrete conservation measures and the affected ecosystem services. In this way it builds further on the ‘Toolkit for Practitioners’ (Kettunen et al., 2009). The main focus of the Toolkit for Practitioners is to help assessing and communicating socio-economic benefits generated within established Natura 2000 sites. It clarifies the links between ecosystems within Natura 2000 sites and ecosystem services, but not how conservation measures contribute to a higher economic value of the site.

This tool has been developed by Eftec and ARCADIS under the project ‘Recognizing Natura 2000 benefits and demonstrating the economic benefits of conservation measures’ for DG Environment managed by ARCADIS Belgium, and with the support of ECNC. It is based on the application of cost-benefit analysis (CBA), using material based on concepts for ecosystem services analysis (e.g. TEEB, 2011) and value transfer techniques (Eftec, 2010), to specific changes occurring as a result of conservation measures at Natura 2000 sites.

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