Technical reports

ECNC Technical reports

A complete list of ECNC publications of a more technical nature is given below; many of these can be downloaded free of charge. The most recent publications are listed first. If you would like to purchase your own hard copy, please read the ordering information.

Man and Nature series

  • Globalisation, Ecology and Economy – Bridging Worlds. Proceedings of a European Conference. Tilburg, November 1999. Wolters, A.R. & L. Buguñá Hoffmann (Eds) (2000)
  • The Green Backbone of Central and Eastern Europe. Proceedings of the international conference to support the establishment of the Pan-European Ecological Network in Central and Eastern Europe. Cracow, February 1998. Nowicki, P.L. (Ed.) (1998)
  • Ecological and landscape consequences of land use change in Europe. Proceedings of the first ECNC seminar on land use change and its ecological consequences. Tilburg, February 1995. Jongman, R.H.G. (Ed.) (1997)
  • Perspectives on ecological networks. Nowicki, P., G. Bennett, D. Middleton, S. Rientjes & A.R. Wolters (Eds) (1996)