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Saxifraga Foundation is an ECNC-linked network of European nature photographers, whose aim is to stimulate and facilitate the conservation of European biodiversity. They do so by providing high-quality nature pictures free of charge.

This part of the website is an initiative of the Saxifraga Foundation. ECNC, Crossbill Guides Foundation, Dutch Butterfly Conservation (De Vlinderstichting) and Foto Fitis provide assistance in its development and maintenance.

To download pictures of European animals, plants and landscapes, go to the gallery on the right.

Terms and conditions

On this website low-resolution pictures of European animals, plants and landscapes are available for PowerPoint presentations and websites. Visitors are allowed to download these pictures free of charge, on condition that they mention the name of the photographer (this can be found in the filename of the picture). Please be so kind as to send us an email when you download these pictures, and mention for what purpose you want to use them. Downloads for commercial purposes are always strictly forbidden.

If you need high resolution pictures for printed publications on nature conservation, contact Saxifraga for the conditions. We can provide these pictures immediately upon request. Mention in your request the name(s) of the low-resolution picture(s) which you have selected from the website.


Saxifraga Foundation
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The Netherlands 
T: +31 (0)13 5900 709


Nearly one hundred photographers from fifteen European countries contribute to Saxifraga’s collection.