Annual report 2013

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Cover of ECNC Annual report 2013ECNC constantly seeks to build on its strengths and to innovate in order to carry out its mission more effectively.This requires an open mind, a good overview of mainstream developments, but, most of all, a strong, united team of people. ECNC is fortunate to have such a team of staff, working on a daily basis, and supported by its dedicated Network of ambassadors and ECNC’s Board.

At the end of 2013, Sir Brian Unwin, President of ECNC for 13 years, stood down. Sir Brian’s great experience and excellence in the role have been truly remarkable: as President, his dedication and wisdom have contributed markedly to ECNC’s development.

ECNC celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013 and organized a photo competition – ‘For a beautiful Europe’ – together with Wikimedia Netherlands. The winners were announced during the Second conference of the European Learning Network for Regions and Biodiversity in November. Some of the entries can be found in this report.

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