Policy Support


Support to national biodiversity initiatives

Most national governments in Europe have developed national biodiversity strategies and action plans, based on decisions made in the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity and in European strategies. ECNC assists governments in implementing their strategies and delivers expertise and experiences in the field of biodiversity and sustainable development. ECNC also promotes the involvement of relevant non-conservation stakeholders in national biodiversity-policy development and implementation, and assists in reviewing the implementation of policies.

Examples of ECNC activities include:

  • Advising national governments on how to develop stakeholder-oriented approaches.
  • Reviewing national reports to the CBD, and recommendations to European governments to address strengths and weaknesses in the implementation.
  • Compiling information on good examples of innovative projects from stakeholders.
  • Providing expertise on the implementation of CBD targets on biodiversity monitoring and reporting, protected areas and ecological networks, biodiversity communication, biodiversity financing, and other expertise fields.


National governments or semi-governmental organizations and European organizations.


The activities performed to support national biodiversity initiatives are funded by the national governments.