Policy Support


Support to local and regional biodiversity actions

The regional and local levels are well placed to promote active biodiversity conservation and sustainable use and to bridge and balance European and national interests with regional and local interests. More and more European regions and municipalities are becoming involved in the implementation of the European biodiversity target, and more and more international governmental organizations are promoting the involvement of regional and local authorities in the achievement of global and European targets.

ECNC has been a catalyst from the very beginning for raising interest and involvement of subnational level authorities and stakeholders.

Involvement of regions and municipalities

ECNC and UNEP coordinate the European Learning Network for Regions and Biodiversity. Local and regional stakeholders can exchange views, experiences and expertise on local biodiversity and greening economy. In 2012, the concept of the network has been further developed in consultation with interested European regions.

actions in the Dutch Province of Noord-Brabant

In cooperation with the Province of Noord-Brabant and IVN Association for Environmental Education, and as part of a province-wide coordination arrangement ‘Brabant Pearls of Biodiversity’, ECNC organized a Biodiversity Marketplace in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Local and regional actors from biodiversity-related sectors exchanged information and explored future cooperation. Seven Brabant Green Deals were signed, promoting the interaction between biodiversity, health, food and regional identity.

The Marketplace was one of the priorities of the Noord-Brabant Task Force on Biodiversity, for which ECNC provides the secretariat. ECNC assists the task force in the implementation of the regional strategy and action plan and in its communication efforts. More information (in Dutch) can be found on www.biodiversiteitbrabant.nl.

ECNC and local biodiversity actions

The ‘Skills for Local Biodiversity’ project is developing a biodiversity training approach for local administration staff. The training will enable staff to better integrate biodiversity into local plans and actions. Next to that, ECNC supports various municipalities all over Europe in the implementation of biodiversity actions, various municipalities in the Netherlands and in South-East Europe.

The project 'Local Biodiversity Action Planning for Southeastern Europe' aims to promote a comprehensive and integrated approach to biodiversity and ecosystem services for the sustainable development of rural municipalities and their local communities in Southeastern Europe, as part of an effort to reduce the downward spiral of poverty, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation to increase overall human well-being within the wider context of ensuring regional peace and stability.