Policy Support


Support to the Countdown 2010 initiative

ECNC was among the most active partners of the Countdown 2010 Partnership, and initiated or supported various Countdown 2010 activities at European, regional and local levels, and with businesses. ECNC participates in all meetings of the Countdown 2010 Partnership and ECNC’s Executive Director often chaired the International Countdown 2010 Advisory Board.

Dutch Province of Noord-Brabant

The Dutch Province of Noord-Brabant was the first region in the world to sign the Countdown 2010 declaration. Biodiversity is now a key item in the policies of the Province of Noord-Brabant and in the cooperation between the Province and ECNC. This has led to a very inspiring process of municipalities, businesses, water boards and other organizations in Noord-Brabant joining the Countdown 2010 Initiative and implementing concrete actions, drafting local biodiversity plans and concretizing biodiversity activities. Almost a hundred governmental, business and non-governmental organizations in Noord-Brabant have signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration.


The Countdown 2010 Secretariat and the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands


The activities performed were funded by ECNC core budget, UNEP, national and regional governments.