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Keeping policy commitments alive

ECNC assists in the implementation, monitoring and review of biodiversity and ecosystem policies and targets from global to local levels. 

This programme it provides practical, tailor-made support to the implementation of biodiversity policies and actions of international, national, regional and local processes and organizations. It also aims to promote synergies between global and European actions on nature and biodiversity, ensuring more effective biodiversity policies.

With its extensive network of stakeholders, including scientific and research organizations worldwide, ECNC brings emerging issues to the policy agenda through partnership programmes and projects. This enables policymakers to validate arguments based on practical research findings, and to avoid and manage conflicts.

Throughout its existence, ECNC has been at the forefront of providing substance input into relevant policymaking processes. For instance, ECNC:

  • was and - still is - very close to the Convention on Biological Diversity, in particular as regards the implementation of relevant decisions on business and biodiversity, benchmarking, monitoring, protected areas and green infrastructure, and stakeholder involvement;
  • was strongly involved in the writing process of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, and its Action Plans, and also actively participated in the development - and now implementation - of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2012;
  • was and still is involved in developing scenario’s for the future of Europe’s countryside and agriculture, including via support to the European Commission’s DG Agriculture;
  • was the main author of the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy (PEBLDS), and, together with UNEP, also of its successor, the Pan-European Biodiversity Strategy towards 2020;
  • is part of various EU expert committees on nature and biodiversity and also of the Committee of Experts for the Development of the Pan-European Ecological Network, linked to the Bern Convention;
  • has a strong role in supporting local and regional authorities, including cities, in their efforts to integrate biodiversity into regional and local action.

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