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Towards a fruit ribbon in the Euregio Rhine-Waal

A fruit ribbon is a green infrastructure based on fruit and biodiversity that offers a transboundary social, economic and ecological connection. It consists of landscape components such as orchards, fruit tree lines with a biodiverse undergrowth of berries and flowers, or fruit parks combined with meeting and education infrastructure.


In the coming six months we will develop a cross-border regional plan for the development of a ‘fruit ribbon’ in the Euregio Rhine-Waal (border region between the mid-eastern part of the Netherlands and the neighbouring German region). The ambition is to, spread over the region, establish a network of such features and to connect them where possible. This will have positive consequences for the perception of the landscape, for promotion of local products, region-based branding, strengthening of the touristic quality and the region-specific character, stimulation of bee populations and other pollinators, and strengthening of green infrastructure and regional biodiversity. The project targets all municipalities in the Euregio, provinces, business, land managers, road infrastructure managers, citizens and other stakeholders.


Coordination is with ECNC in cooperation with the municipalities of Overbetuwe (NL), Arnhem (NL), Rheinberg (DE), Ökozucht Buckow GmbH, and the Regional Bureau for Tourism Rivierenland.


The project is made possible by the INTERREG V A programme Deutschland-Nederland, supported by Euregio Rhine-Waal and co-financed by the European Union (EU).

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