Nature and Society



QualityDestination is a new award programme for all destinations on a local and regional scale. It contributes to improving the quality of life and socially responsible tourism, while taking local and regional identity, culture and nature values of the destination into account.


The aim is to increase the awareness of municipalities of the needs, benefits and importance of creating low impacts on the environment. Also helping local cultures generate local employment and improving their management and achievements in an international context. A series of capacity building programmes will be organized with the selected destinations.


The purpose of this programme is to establish a basis for sustainable destinations which:

  1. ensures local municipalities are prepared for sustainable development and social responsibility, and maintain their high standards of quality tourism in the future;
  2. maintains attractiveness for visitors that are interested in natural and cultural heritage, a clean environment, a local identity, a host community and safety and business involvement in sustainable development;
  3. provides policy support and guidance on sustainable tourism management and other quality aspects.


QualityCoast is the coastal element of the QualityDestination programme.


The QualityDestination programme has been developed by the ECNC Group.


QualityDestination was funded by the European Commission LIFE+ programme.