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Countdown 2010 in the Dutch regions

ECNC executed this project as part of the Countdown 2010 initiative. Countdown 2010 is an independent communication initiative that primarily focuses on promoting the profile and basis of the European 2010 biodiversity target.

This project aimed to stimulate the involvement of regional authorities in the Netherlands in the implementation of Countdown 2010 and in realizing the target of halting the decline of biodiversity. The focus of the project was creating a clear and practical framework for action for local and regional authorities, and providing advice and help on how to develop and implement local/regional 2010 action plans. Motivating and creating enthusiasm for the initiative was of primary importance.

  • To create an inventory of networks that could be mobilized to reach crucial regional stakeholders.
  • To develop an expertise database.
  • To develop web pages for providing information to and communicating with regional stakeholders.
  • To develop and actively disseminate information materials targeting regional stakeholders.
  • To draw up an inventory of activities in the Netherlands that could serve as examples for regional Countdown 2010 implementation.
  • To evaluate lessons learned during these activities.
  • To organize a seminar with the Province of Noord-Brabant for regional authorities to share experiences.

This project also created opportunities for bringing the European and regional levels closer together, thereby creating a broader base and involving the public in realizing the 2010 target. The project served as an example to other countries in Europe. In the long run, and most importantly, it is hoped that it will contribute to realizing the 2010 target: halting the decline of biodiversity.

Time frame
Countdown 2010 in the Dutch regions ran from December 2005 to December 2006.


Countdown 2010 in the Dutch regions was financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The project led to an inventory of the stakeholders that need to be involved in reaching the 2010 biodiversity target; it provided an overview of projects that help achieve the 2010 target (see the Dutch report below); it developed a help desk for those interested in setting up their own projects; and it stimulated regional and local authorities to join the Countdown 2010 initiative. One way of achieving the latter was the organization of a national seminar, which took place on 10 and 11 October 2006. The seminar was organized by ECNC, the Province of Noord-Brabant and IUCN Netherlands Committee.
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