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Communicating Nature Conservation in South-East Europe

Over the past few years, ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation has developed a capacity-building programme in the field of communication and stakeholder involvement for nature conservation. This programme has been successfully applied in a number of countries in Central Europe, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. 

Many countries in South-East Europe have a solid tradition of ecological and environmental education, but they have not yet established a routine concerning the strategic use of stakeholder communication in solving problems related to nature conservation and management. Therefore, ECNC developed a capacity-building programme in the South-East European region with a training project for staff of nature conservation authorities, national parks and NGOs in Croatia and FYR Macedonia. This project aimed to develop skills of staff of nature conservation organizations and authorities in Croatia and Macedonia in the professional use of communication and facilitation as a policy tool.

Time frame
The project ran from August 2005 to August 2008.


  • Croatian State Institute of Nature Protection
  • Macedonian Ministry of the Environment and Physical Planning


This project was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Environment.

The project focused on developing basic professional capacities in strategic and interactive communication in support of nature conservation through:

  • tailor-made training workshops on the use of strategic and interactive communication in conservation policy and action for staff of conservation authorities, NGOs and National Parks in Croatia and Macedonia;
  • pilot projects focusing on stakeholder involvement and communication in order to give the participants in each country the chance to apply the lessons learned during the training workshop. Two pilot sites, Neretva Delta in Croatia and Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia, were selected;
  • training the most talented workshop participants as in-country communication trainers;
  • an in-country training programme was set up, supported by reference and training materials.

For more information, contact the project coordinator, Aysegul Cil.