Nature and Society



Fostering and Bringing Together Nature, Tourism and Civil Society at Bojana Delta through Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Ulcinj, on the south coast of Montenegro, is an important summer destination for tourists from neighbouring countries. Furthermore, it hosts one of the most valuable ecological sites on the Balkan coast, the Bojana Delta, shared with Albania. These two facts call for integrated management allowing win-win situations. In this context the Bojanatour project looked for synergies between nature and tourism.


Bojanatour promoted local economic development through diversification of recreational activities and products based on nature. This was the basis for promoting the Bojana Delta at national and European level as a responsible tourism destination and rich biodiversity area, resulting in a better developed and more balanced tourism industry and the conservation of its natural and cultural values.


  • Bojanatour, together with other projects in Montenegro and the Balkan region, its increasing tourism offers quality by improving environmental performance of businesses, reducing impacts on nature sites and enhancing nature-based tourism offer.
  • Bojanatour is building on recent and ongoing ICZM initiatives in Ulcinj and at the national level. It aims to become an ICZM Protocol showcase, using this framework to focus on civil society involvement and common vision building to contribute to good coastal governance.


  • Awareness raising regarding the negative impacts of mass tourism development for the local economy and in proximity to valuable ecological sites. Successful alternatives were demonstrated.
  • Bojanatour funded pilot actions in Ulcinj in order to show how nature and tourism can, and should, go together. These actions were implemented by local businesses and associations.
  • Local communities were empowered by participating in the ICZM common vision and nature-tourism training courses. 
  • The partnership, joining efforts with related initiatives and supported by the Steering Committee, promoted consideration and integration of the local perspective within national policies.

Time frame

1 December 2013 until 30 November 2015


The project was coordinated and led by ECNC Land and Sea Group in collaboration with the local associations Green Step (GS) and Ulcinj Business Association (UBA).


Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)