Nature and Society


Understanding the social context of conservation

In order to stop the decline of biodiversity and to maintain our physical well-being, we need to understand what motivates society. ECNC applies insights from the social sciences to challenges involving the conservation of biodiversity.

The goals of this programme are to seek understanding of the social and cultural context of conservation and to improve the skills of policymakers and other stakeholders at all levels in Europe in strategic and interactive communication and decisionmaking. By combining its expertise, knowledge and experience, ECNC contributes to the implementation of nature and biodiversity policy through effective communication, organization and facilitation of stakeholder consultation processes, and training in skill building at all levels of government as well as NGOs and civil society organizations.

Interactive communication and facilitation

ECNC is a communication-based organization. It manages networks, works with project partners, maintains funder relations and uses participative techniques and processes to develop policy and deliver actions with a range of stakeholders. In addition, ECNC trains others in the knowledge-based communication methodologies that its staff uses on a day-to-day basis and has developed leading-edge training materials and handbooks.

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