Green Infrastructure


Support the efforts of the European Commission on implementing the Green Infrastructure Strategy

Following the publication of the European Commission’s (EC) Green Infrastructure Strategy in the form of the EC Communication: Green Infrastructure (GI) — Enhancing Europe’s Natural Capital, in May 2013, ECNC has decided to follow the further process closely and, where possible support the EC in promoting the concept of GI and facilitating its implementation.

Since 2013 ECNC works closely together with CEEweb for Biodiversity on this topic. As a part of this cooperation several very successful joint activities have been implemented:

Part of ECNC’s work on promoting the GI includes efforts on improved communication and coordination between the NGO community, EC and the Council of Europe (CoE) Group of Experts on Protected Areas and Ecological Networks (GoEPAEN) on the topic of GI. ECNC attends the annual meetings of GoEPAEN and tries to make links between the EU GI policy and the on-going work of the CoE on ecological networks, highlighting possible synergies – to that effect ECNC supported the CoE in preparing an informative brochure which highlights these.

ECNC also actively participates in the work of the European Habitats Forum’s working group on GI and Restoration including their contribution to the work of the EU Working Group on Green Infrastructure Implementation and Restoration (GIIR).