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Streamlining Biodiversity Indicators in the Western Balkans

Support for biological diversity activities and capacity building

The SEBI process (Streamlining Biodiversity Indicators for Europe) was initiated in 2005 to stimulate cooperation between countries in the pan-European region around the issue of streamlining a set of biodiversity indicators to support the achievement of the 2010 biodiversity targets. Many European countries have been actively involved in the process since that time. A number of these countries have developed indicator sets or amended existing sets to align with the European set of 26 indicators. Outside the EEA Member States, countries in the West Balkan region in particular could be more involved in the process than they currently are.


In the context of the new Pan-European Strategy on Biodiversity, the overall goal of this project was to achieve the wider involvement of countries in the West Balkans in the process of developing biodiversity indicators that is currently facilitated by SEBI, in order to support their capacity to both: a) develop new/ consolidate and/or harmonise existing indicators; and b) implement monitoring schemes that can supply them with relevant data and information.

As part of this project, ECNC:

  • Reviewed the current state of play regarding development and implementation of biodiversity indicators in the West Balkan and how they relate to the SEBI set.
  • Identified possible gaps and needs that need to be accommodated for in order to streamline West Balkan indicators with European indicators.
  • Developed, in a participative way, an action plan that aims at filling possible gaps.
  • Began implementation of the action plan by holding a capacity building training session in the region and producing updated/new indicator fact sheets.

Time frame

This project started in February 2013 and ended in December 2013.


ETC/BD - European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity


European Environment Agency (with support from IPA - Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance)