Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Assessment



Integrated assessment of vulnerability of environmental resources and ecosystem-based adaptation measures

The focus of this project was on the analysis of the vulnerability of water and ecosystems of the Carpathian region to climate change impacts and other man-made pressures and on identifying potential adaptation measures, focusing on adaptive water management and ecosystem-based approaches. The results of this analysis built strongly on work that was already underway in the region and also provided a contribution to the forthcoming EU Information System on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation (EU Clearinghouse).


The project placed emphasis on both the assessment of vulnerability to climate change impacts as well as on the identification of adaptation measures. A framework for assessing the vulnerability and adaptation measures in the region was developed, focussing on ecosystem-based adaptation measures. The main objectives of the present project were:

  • To gather, in a structured way, information on vulnerability to climate change impacts in the Carpathian Basin and, on that basis, to identify and assess potential adaptation measures, with a particular focus on ecosystem-based approaches. 
  • To identify knowledge gaps to be filled in by additional field research or case studies.
  • To contribute to ongoing national or regional adaptation strategies or related policy processes, and to the EU Knowledge Base on Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation (EU Adaptation Clearinghouse).

The work undertaken under this service contract ran in parallel and closely interlinked with a framework contract for the in-depth assessments of vulnerability of environmental resources and ecosystem-based adaptation measures.

Time frame

This project started in January 2011 and ended in March 2014.



European Commission, Directorate-General Environment and Climate Action, SRD - Shared Resources Directorate SRD.2 - Finance.