Ecosystem and Species Management

Priorities for the restoration of ecosystems and their services in the EU

The EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 includes six targets to be achieved by 2020; associated with these 6 targets are 20 specific actions. Target 2 of the strategy is: "By 2020, ecosystems and their services are maintained and enhanced by establishing green infrastructure and restoring at least 15% of degraded ecosystems."

This target incorporates the global target agreed by EU Member States and the EU in Nagoya (Japan) to restore 15% of degraded ecosystems by 2020. With regard to the restoration of 15% of degraded ecosystems, associated action 6a indicates that: "By 2014, Member States, with the assistance of the Commission, will develop a strategic framework to set priorities for ecosystem restoration at sub-national, national and EU level".


The objective of this contract was to provide support to the Commission and the EU Member States, on the implementation of target 2 and in particular the development of the strategic framework for setting priorities for ecosystem restoration at subnational, national and EU level as foreseen in Action 6a of the EU biodiversity strategy to 2020.

Time frame

The project ran for 12 months from 18 November 2012 onwards.


  • ARCADIS Belgium (project coordinator)
  • ECNC
  • EFTEC, experts in environmental economics, United Kingdom
  • PanParks
  • Wild Europe Initiative


European Commission DG Environment


The project established a strategic framework including:

  • A common understanding of what each Member State is expected to achieve in relation to the 15% restoration target for the EU;
  • A common set of criteria for identifying the priority actions at national and subnational level;
  • Guidance on priority setting for restoration;
  • A proposal for a support mechanism for restoration activities.

This output has been compiled into the publication 'Priorities for the restoration of ecosystems and their services in the EU' which can be downloaded on the right.