Business and Biodiversity


Lifescape Your Landscape

LIFESCAPE – YOUR LANDSCAPE helps explore new ways to profit from the rural landscape while preserving its beauty and cultural and historical values. Fourteen partners in five European countries worked together and shared experiences to come to new approaches for long-term preservation of their landscapes.

The fourteen partners, with ECNC ensuring the coordination/conceptual assistance role up to the time of proposal delivery, agreed to experiment with ways to develop ecological infrastructure according to a common theme of ‘landscape identity and economic development’. Partners were individually responsible for each of the 20 subprojects; these 20 subprojects were distributed among four LIFESCAPE themes:

1. Enjoyment and learning in landscapes.
2. Exploring business opportunities.
3. Involving local communities.
4. Financing rural landscapes.

The LIFESCAPE project objectives were to:

  • demonstrate the synergy between landscape identity and economic development, and the benefit to biodiversity, in the context of INTERREG III B;
  • support regional governments to establish the mutual support between landscape maintenance and economic activities through case studies and demonstration projects in the North-West Europe INTERREG zone.


The LIFESCAPE partners are listed below. For more information on the partners and their contribution to the project, please visit:

The Netherlands
ECNC-European Centre for Nature Conservation (Coordinator)
Province of Noord-Brabant (Lead partner),
Municipality of Boxtel,
Innovatieplatform Duurzame Meierij,
Foundation StuipZand,

Vlaamse Landmaatschappij,

Syndicat Mixte du Parc naturel régional des Caps et Marais d’Opale,
Syndicat mixte du Parc naturel régional de l’Avesnois,
Syndicat Mixte Espaces Naturels Régionaux,

East Sussex County Council  (High Weald AONB Joint Advisory Committee),
English Nature,
South Downs Joint Committee,

Orchard Centre,


LIFESCAPE was funded by INTERREG IIIB North-West Europe.

The LIFESCAPE project produced numerous project outputs from all 20 subprojects. These outputs can be found on the official LIFESCAPE project website:

In addition to producing numerous publications and communication materials, the experiences and the increased capacity of various stakeholders in the five LIFESCAPE countries counted as the project's most valuable outputs. The following stakeholders were reached: children, farmers, rural entrepreneurs, local and regional policymakers, scientists, etc. You can learn more about these experiences from the book LIFESCAPE - YOUR LANDSCAPE - a European journey of our experiences, which can be found below.

In addition to the final LIFESCAPE book, a mid-term report was published that gives detailed information about all 20 LIFESCAPE subprojects implemented over the project's four-year period. The information in this publication is presented in the five LIFESCAPE languages: Dutch/Flemish, English, French and German. See the publication below for more information.