Business and Biodiversity


European Biodiversity Standard

All companies can have a direct or indirect positive impact on biodiversity and ecosystems - through the raw materials they use, their production and consumption methods, the management of the land they own or through the investments they make. Biodiversity is critical for most businesses - either because their processes require biological materials or because a healthy and stable environment is an integral part of the operation.


Many companies operate environmental management systems, often certified to ISO 14001 or EMAS. However, biodiversity issues are frequently neglected or even omitted, despite their importance. The new ECNC European Biodiversity Standard (EBS) provides a Europewide process to measure and improve companies' ecological performance. Through its application companies can gain formal, branded certification as visible evidence of their commitment to biodiversity and ecosystem services that can be clearly communicated to board members, clients, future clients and staff.

The EBS is:

  • a new way to assess your company’s impact on the natural environment;
  • an independent process open to every company;
  • a ten-point system to certify your company’s ecological performance;
  • the standard against which to measure your company’s progress.


The EBS was developed and is managed by ECNC through a partnership with biodiversity specialist Middlemarch Environmental Ltd.


The EBS provides many benefi ts to your company, in a wide range of areas. It:

  • demonstrates your contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • establishes a way to integrate biodiversity into your business;
  • provides a mechanism for improving your performance in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • adds value to your company’s existing environmental management systems;
  • integrates within ISO 14001 and EMAS or works as a stand-alone;
  • ensures that you address legal and risk issues;
  • shows your company’s commitment to biodiversity;
  • provides signifi cant additional promotional benefits.


The EBS receives financial support from the European Commission LIFE+ programme.