Business and Biodiversity


Nature as a provider of business opportunities

This programme is set to mainstream biodiversity concerns into economic and financial sectors working in Europe. It also aims to increase understanding of the interactions between economic actors and nature conservation. This includes building awareness about long-term ecological impacts of short-term economically driven actions.

We focus on four key objectives:

  • integrating nature and biodiversity conservation aspects into economic sectors;
  • increasing knowledge on the interaction between biodiversity and economic sectors and on the capacity to influence their interrelationship through policy;
  • increasing knowledge on how the economic flows at the local scale affect nature and landscapes; and
  • identifying how economic instruments can be used to improve nature conservation.

Creating Green Deals

As part of ECNC's corporate objective under the 2012 NGO Grant to engage Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) throughout Europe in agreeing Green Deals, a practical guide in six languages was produced, aiming to help SMEs to take up the challenge of protecting biodiversity and through that to provide security for the long-term sustainability of their businesses.

Download the guides » 

Brief on bioenergy and biodiversity

The global increase in land put aside for growing crops that can be processed for the production of bioenergy has become a topic of intense discussion amongst the press and media, politicians, researchers, nature conservationists and environmentalists and the interested public. There are serious implications for food production and prices, and also for the main goal of ECNC – the conservation of nature and its biodiversity.

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