Peter van der Goot

Adviser Rural Development

Nationality: Dutch

Education: BSc Rural Development, landscape designing, water management, reparcelling and spatial planning, IAHL International Agricultural College Larenstein, Velp, the Netherlands. Post graduate colleges Wageningen UR .

Background information: Peter is based at ECNC as adviser from DLG, Land and Water service from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Besides Peter is coordinator of the Tri Partite cooperation between Flanders, North Rhine Westphalia and the Netherlands regarding land consolidation.

Peter started his career in the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and gained experience in land consolidation projects in Venlo and Arnhem area (the Netherlands). Later on he moved to the province of Limburg, to become policy adviser in the field of spatial planning and agriculture. The work was done in multi-disciplinary teams and a lot of contacts in the field, the beginning of participatory planning. In 2000 Peter was appointed head of the Paying Agency of the Dutch RDP in Limburg. He led the introduction and stabilization of the programme, in the meantime starting advisory activities in several EU pre-accession countries.

From 2005 on Peter was general manager of DLG Land and Water service of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in both Limburg and Noord-Brabant provinces. He managed teams working in more than 100 rural projects, regarding land consolidation, water and nature conservation and road and water infrastructure. He led several projects abroad as well, e.g. in Turkey. Specific areas of interest and expertise include partnership working, project and programme development, and conflict reconciliation.

Over the years, Peter has worked in the government services of both State and Province. He has extensive experience in supporting the development of people and organizations, through business planning and implementation. He is a team player and has a wide range of experience in training and development of people, both in groups and individual.