Kristijan Čivić

senior Project Manager

Nationality: Croatian

Education: BSc in Biology – Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Background information: Kristijan’s main responsibilities are the development and implementation of project proposals within the programmes Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem and Species Management.

Prior to his employment at ECNC, Kristijan worked at the State Institute for Nature Protection in Croatia for five years; this is a government agency that delivers expertise and knowledge to the relevant ministry responsible for nature conservation. As such he has experience in project management, and national and international policies and regulations regarding nature conservation and ecological networks.  

Kristijan participated in the process of establishing the national ecological network in Croatia. Linked to that work he has had training and experience in working with GIS tools. He was involved in work related to invasive alien species, including preparation of national legislation on the subject. He has experience in working on several international projects in South-East Europe related to ecological networks and stakeholder involvement, including training in facilitating workshops and multistakeholder groups.