Ayşegül Çil

ambassador Quality Destination programme & advisor south-east europe

Nationality: Turkish

Education: BSc in Landscape Architecture, Ankara University, Turkey; MSc in Landscape Planning and Design, Ankara University, Turkey; MSc in Urban Environmental Management, Rotterdam/Wageningen, the Netherlands; PhD research (ongoing) in Conflict Management and Stakeholder Development for Coastal Areas, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Background information:

Ayşegül’s activities focus on promoting the ECNC Group’s QualityDestination Programme, with a focus on South-East Europe. She is involved in extending the range and number of Quality Destinations, in stakeholder-related activities, public relations actions, advisory activities and other relevant activities that enhance the functioning of the QualityDestination Programme and the Quality Destinations.

Ayşegül coordinated the QualityDestination Programme for several years, and also coordinated projects in the Western Balkans and several South-East European countries, including Macedonia and Croatia, with specific focus on stakeholder participation and communication in nature parks. She also coordinated a project in Zagreb on community involvement in urban biodiversity assessment. As advisor, she is involved in projects in the South-East European region.

‘I love people! Nature has been proved to be a source of inspiration and happiness for people. Nature conservation motivates me strongly, not only professionally, but also emotionally and culturally. I feel good when I can make a contribution to people’s lives, and I do it with pride and joy.’