ECNC Secretariat

The ECNC staff assist the Board, the Scientific Council and the Network, and take care of the daily operations. They provide project coordination, communication and information services, and logistical support to these bodies as well as to external parties.

ECNC has 15 staff members based in Tilburg and 3 regional representatives. ECNC is also served by Centro Mediterráneo in Barcelona, Spain (currently being converted into offices of the ECNC Group).

In addition, secondees, interns and volunteers support ECNC’s activities.


Staff details


Name: Ronald Busio 
Nationality: Dutch 
Position: Finance & Administration Officer 
Education: Pre-University Education, Tilburg, the Netherlands.


Name: Ayşegül Çil
Nationality: Turkish 
Position: Ambassador QualityDestination Programme & Advisor South-East Europe  
Education: BSc in Landscape Architecture, Ankara University, Turkey; MSc in Landscape Planning and Design, Ankara University, Turkey; MSc in Urban Environmental Management, Rotterdam/Wageningen, the Netherlands.


Name: Kristijan Čivić
Nationality: Croatian 
Position: Senior Project Manager – Green Infrastructure / Ecosystem and Species Management
Education: BSc in Biology – Ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia.



Name: Peter van der GootViewProfile
Nationality: Dutch
Position: Ministry of Economic Affairs/DLG representative, Adviser Rural Development
Education: BSc Rural Development, landscape designing, water management, reparcelling and spatial planning, IAHL International Agricultural College Larenstein, Velp, the Netherlands; post graduate colleges Wageningen UR, the Netherlands.


Frank Gorissen 3

Name: Frank Gorissen ViewProfile
Nationality: Dutch 
Position: Project Officer
Education: MSc in Spatial Planning, Wageningen University, the Netherlands; professional bachelor in Garden and Landscape Management, HAS Den Bosch, the Netherlands.



Name: Neil McIntosh
Nationality: British 
Position: Deputy Executive Director and Head of Strategy & Innovation 
Education: MA in Politics, English Language and Literature, and Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland; Qualified Assessor with D32/33, Falkirk College of Further & Higher Education, United Kingdom; Diploma in Management, Institute of Leadership Management, United Kingdom.


Name: Veronika Mikos
Nationality: Hungarian 
Position: Senior Project Manager – Business and Biodiversity
Education: BSc in Economics in Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Veszprém, Hungary; Erasmus student at Faculty of Business and Tourism, University of Lapland, Finland.


Name: Astrid van Hemert 
Nationality: Dutch 
Position: Executive Secretary 
Education: Middle Economic Administrative Education – Secretarial, Tilburg, the Netherlands.


Name: Glynis van Uden
Nationality: British 
Position: Senior Project Officer 
Education: Postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Techniques for Career Linguists (French and Italian), University of Kent at Canterbury, UK; BA Honours (French), University of Leicester, UK.


Name: Hanneke Wijnja 
Nationality: Dutch 
Position: Communication Officer 
Education: BSc Animal Management, Van Hall Institute, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands; MA Business Communication and Digital Media, University of Tilburg, the Netherlands.


Name: Rob Wolters 
Nationality: Dutch 
Position: Executive Director and Chief Executive ECNC Land & Sea Group
Education: MSc Honours in Human Geography with specializations in Town and Country Planning, Economic Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental Geography, Environmental Law and Sociology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.


Regional representatives

Next to our staff members based in Tilburg, we have one based in Kleve, Germany. ECNC is also served by two staff members at the Centro Mediterráneo in Barcelona, Spain.


Name: Pedro Fernández
Nationality: Spanish
Position: Project Coordinator Centro Mediterráneo, Barcelona
Education: MSc Environmental Science, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.


Name: Johan Kieft
Nationality: Dutch
Position: Director Green Welcome Centre Kleve
Education: MSc Environmental Policies, Nijmegen University, the Netherlands.


Name: Carolina Pérez
Nationality: Spanish
Position: Director Centro Mediterráneo, Barcelona
Education: MSc Law, University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain.