Scientific Council

ECNC Scientific council

The ECNC Scientific Council operates as a ‘think-tank’ and advisory body of ECNC, looking after the scientific quality of all activities of the foundation. It advises the Board and the Secretariat on all matters involving ECNC’s mission and work. The Scientific Council is formed of independent experts with an outstanding reputation in the thematic work areas of ECNC.

Prof dr Sjur Baardsen
University of Life Sciences

Dr David Green
President of the Advisory Board of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)
United Kingdom

Neil-McIntosh Secretary
Neil McIntosh
Deputy Executive Director of ECNC


  • Dr Zamir Dedej, Institute of Nature Conservation in Albania
  • Dr Anke Fischer, The James Hutton Institute, Scotland, UK
  • Dr Eeva Furman, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
  • Dr Hartmut Jungius, Switzerland
  • Mr Carlos Sunyer, Terra, Spain