ECNC Board

The ECNC Board is the highest decision-making organ of ECNC. The full Board is composed of persons with considerable working experience in national and subnational policymaking fields related to conservation and sustainable use of nature and biodiversity, persons in international institutions active in European nature and biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, and persons with large relevant networks, experience and expertise, for example in science or the corporate sector.



Prof dr Mustafa Kemal Yalınkılıç
Former Director-General of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forestry



Ms Ivonne Higuero, Chief, Operational Activities and Review Section, Environment Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe – UNECE, Geneva, Switzerland



Vice-President and Interim Treasurer
Prof dr Sjur Baardsen
University of Life Sciences



Mr Rob Wolters
Executive Director of ECNC


  • Dr Magnus Sylvén, former Chairman of the Large Herbivore Foundation; former Director of WWF Europe/Middle East Programme at WWF International, Switzerland
  • Mr Gábor Szilágyi, Director Hortobágy National Park, Hungary; former Director of Kiskunsági National Park, Hungary; EU expert for Baltic States
  • Professor Alexander Zamuraev, Director of the All-Russian Research Institute for Nature Protection, Russian Federation
  • Ms Kadri Tillemann, Rapporteur for Biodiversity of the EU Committee of the Regions; member of the CoR Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy; Mayor of Keila Rural Municipality Government, Estonia
  • Mr Béla Jankovich de Jeszenice, Owner of Amber Investment; Managing Director of Jankovich Birtok estate, Hungary
  • Ms Ivana Vojinovic, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Montenegro
  • Mr Vangelis Divaris, former head of units of the European Commission’s Directorate-General of Agriculture; former Secretary-General of the Greek Ministry for Rural Development and Food
  • Mr Jens Enemark, Strategic advisor to the ECNC Board; former Executive Secretary of the Trilateral Dutch-German-Danish Wadden Sea Cooperation; head of the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, the Netherlands

Honorary board members and ambassadors



Honorary President
Sir Brian Unwin KCB
United Kingdom

  • Prof. Dr Antonio Machado (former ECNC President; Director Observatorio Ambiental Granadilla; Editor-in-chief of Journal for Nature Conservation)
  • Ms Niki Goulandris-Kefala (former ECNC Vice-President)
  • Dr János Tardy (former ECNC Vice-President; former State Secretary; former President of the Hungarian Nature Conservation Authority (NANC))
  • Mr Ronald Loudon (former ECNC Vice-President; former General Secretary to Queen Beatrix; former Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • Prof. Dr Jan Rammeloo (former ECNC Treasurer; former Director of the National Botanic Garden, Belgium)


  • Director of the Department of Nature of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, represented by Mr Roel Feringa, Director for Nature and Biodiversity
  • Dr Philip Buckley, Department of Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht, Ireland
  • Mr Gabriel Schwaderer, Executive Director, European Nature Heritage Fund (EuroNatur), Germany
  • Mr Hendrik Oosterveld, President ECNC Land & Sea Group