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BojaNaTour, Montenegro focusing on tourism and nature

New publication - Enriching our society through natural solutions

The new Natura 2000 Award - Submit your applications now!

ECNC's work with the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity continues

Future horizon for functional agrobiodiversity

The Province of Noord-Brabant achieves success with its biodiversity policies

European realities of responsible tourism

QualityDestination: Providing instruments for high-quality sustainable tourism

Opportunities for green infrastructure in Croatia

ECNC Board meetings held in Brussels

ALTER-Net prepares for the future

2nd European Conference on Regions and Biodiversity

Functional agrobiodiversity in North-West Europe: What does the future hold?

Heart of Brabant: Green Growth Region

Local action for biodiversity: the role of regions

Workshop on preparing biodiversity indicators

Business participation in Healthy Seas further increases

Turning the ecosystem services concept into reality

Symposium Biodiversiteit en leefgebieden in Noord-Brabant

10th World Wilderness Congress concludes with actions to make the world a wilder place

Promoting Green Infrastructure

The Green Matrix, a Tilburg success story

Balkan municipalities launch local biodiversity action planning network

Finding a way to mobilize Europe’s biodiversity knowledge

NBP Communication Platform: Recovery strategies for nitrogen-sensitive habitats

Healthy Seas pilot successful: 20 tons of fishing nets transported for recycling

Festive inauguration of ECNC’s Green Welcome Centre in Germany

Functional agrobiodiversity in North-West Europe: What does the future hold?

EC proposal for EU legislation to address invasive alien species and protect biodiversity

Invasive Alien Species: the urban dimension

Setting up an online ecosystem services platform

Register now for SEE-BAP Conference 2

Green infrastructure to enhance Europe's natural capital

ECNC celebrates 20th anniversary with photo competition

New issue of ECNC Update published

15,000 kilograms of discarded fishing nets stored for re-use

Continuation of municipality visits to discuss Local Biodiversity Action Plans

pan-European stakeholder consultation discusses the IPBES process

Planning the implementation of priority actions in Local Biodiversity Action Plans in the Western Balkans

Communication platform: working together in Natura 2000

New issue of ECNC Update published

Western Balkan experts meet for biodiversity indicators

EU Member States, NGOs and sectors discuss priorities for ecosystem restoration

Ghost Fishing tackles Project Argo with the help of Healthy Seas

SER Summer School - Restoration Ecology 2013

Witnessing the benefits of ecosystem services

Preparing management plans for protected areas

New issue of ECNC Update published

New start for Dinaric Arc Initiative

EU policymakers for first time actively involved in science underpinning biodiversity policy

Study tour in the Netherlands on local biodiversity

Implementing green infrastructure and ecological networks in Europe

ECNC welcomes new Network partner

Experts and policymakers discuss Europe-wide mapping of ecosystems and their services

Biodiversity indicators in the Western Balkans

ECNC Group launches initiative for recycling used fishing nets into socks and underwear

A guide on functional agrobiodiversity

New issue of ECNC Update published

Local BD SKILLS training course in Flanders

Knowledge transfer on natural pest control

BioVak addresses biodiversity for the first time

Proceedings of the conference 'Greening European Regions' online

Biodiversity Fair: creating partnerships for biodiversity

Creating Green Deals; a practical guide

Smartphone app 'Large Herbivores of Europe' launched

OpenNESS started: Operationalisation of Natural Capital and EcoSystem Services

Greening local and regional economies is the way of the future

ECNC presents booklet on regions and ecosystem services to European Commission

First cycle of the Atlantic Biogeographical Seminar successfully concluded

ECNC presents action plan on development of the Pan-European Ecological Network

ECNC moving forward

EcoFINDERS unravels the secrets of soil biodiversity

Baltic Sea Region conference about farmland biodiversity

Moving towards a wilder Europe

ECNC to contribute to EHF position paper on EU Biodiversity Strategy

EUROPARC Conference 2012: Let’s (Re)connect

Greening European Regions - Biodiversity as a boost for local and regional economy

European Biodiversity Conference discusses how to create a green economy

New interactive training package presented

European debate on biodiversity

ECNC presents the European Learning Network on Regions and Biodiversity

Financial Mechanisms for Biodiversity in the EU

LHNet attends wisent conference in Poland

3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology

Draft results of Common ragweed project presented

SEE-BAP II project kicks off in Western Balkan municipalities

Green infrastructure a hit at the ESOF 2012 Conference

Figures show importance of Journal for Nature Conservation increases again

ECNC receives core funding from the EC LIFE+ Programme

The Natura 2000 Seminars: progressing the favourable conservation status of Natura 2000

European Biodiversity Standard gains wide recognition

Self-reliant and resilient rural communities in the current economic climate

Need for implementation of FAB in the Mediterranean

Government representatives meet for SEE-BAP II in Montenegro

New partnership for biodiversity action planning in China

Discussing the Network of Knowledge approach for Europe

Workshops on writing for projects held in Bosnia and Herzegovina

LHNet participates in EAZA Conservation Forum

ECNC�s biodiversity garden flourishes

Noord-Brabant Task Force on Biodiversity to become a platform

New issue of ECNC Update published

The February 2013 issue of the ECNC Update newsletter has been published online. You can read it here.