Green Welcome Centre Kleve

ECNC’s Biodiversity Representation Unit Germany

GWC Kleve is situated on a spectacular peninsula in the beautiful historic town of Kleve – Schenkenschanz.

GWC Kleve is open to all kind of stakeholders. We will especially focus on the Euregion Rhein – Waal in favour of cross-border cooperation. We we will handle a broad spectrum of subjects as expertise centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, serving Enterprises, the Government, Education and the participation of Citizens

The GWC will function as ECNC’s (founded in 1993) representation unit for Germany, and also will offer facilities for training courses, small scale seminars, debates  and management meetings. GWC’s director is Mr Johan Kieft.

For more information, please contact us or pay us a visit by appointment. Thank you in advance!

Foto: Johan Kieft