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Biodiversity is business

Biodiversity is a business interest. Biodiversity offers a wide range of ecosystem services to society and businesses. If these services are affected, business will be affected. Biodiversity enhances quality of life for people, and for people working on business estates. Biodiversity-rich areas attract tourists, which could add to the prosperity of regions and nations. Moreover, biodiversity is a growing investment market for financial institutions.

ECNC can assist

ECNC’s area of work ‘Business and Biodiversity‘ covers various projects which focus directly on businesses and economic development.

If your company needs help and advice to integrate biodiversity measures into its operational management, product chains or business plans, ECNC can assist. There are many ways, for instance by:

  • biodiversity assessment of the operational management and its sustainability policies;
  • suggestions for monitoring and designing your business park and the elaboration of management recommendations;
  • training programmes for capacity development in biodiversity-related activities;
  • support to social responsibility activities.

Advantages of a business partnership

Through partnerships with selected businesses ECNC aims at:

  • joint profiling of activities;
  • exchange of tailor-made expertise and experience;
  • achieving support to ECNC core areas of work.

ECNC can bring the following returns for investment to a partnership with a commercial enterprise:

  • A wide European expertise and information network in all parts of Europe.
    Its dynamic and extensive European network, including Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, is continuously expanding. ECNC holds the chair and secretariat of the European Task Force on Banking, Business and Biodiversity.
  • Expertise on sustainable development.
    ECNC is a leading European organization in the field of biodiversity expertise, science and business, and is recognized for its important contributions and innovations in the field of biodiversity and sustainability. Its name is well established as a European biodiversity expertise centre for sustainable development.
  • Acknowledgement in ECNC communication media.
    This includes the ECNC website and the ECNC Update. The website has over 25,000 unique visitors every month and the Update reaches about 350 registered parties throughout Europe six times a year.
  • Acknowledgement in other public-relations-oriented activities.
    ECNC regularly attends or organizes major conferences.