Products and services

ECNC’s expertise

ECNC has run or contributed to over 220 projects since its establishment in 1993, in nearly every corner of Europe and in various cases spanning the entire continent. Next to that, ECNC was involved in the drafting of the major European biodiversity policy strategies and and is key player in major European biodiversity conferences, assisting governments and NGOs in preparing for effective discussions and solid decisions.

So, ECNC offers unique products and services:

  • Biodiversity knowledge and expertise: a key asset of ECNC and its staff, we provide expertise on all aspects of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe, including research, conservation, and policy. We have the unique ability to integrate a range of disciplines from social and natural sciences.
  • Digesting science for policy and society: as a biodiversity science-policy interface ECNC translates policy documents and needs into research questions and communicates science outcomes into policy advice.
  • Stakeholder involvement: ECNC applies participatory techniques to stimulate involvement into biodiversity matters of all groups in society (such as business, education, science, policy, civil society, and local communities).
  • Knowledge-based facilitation: ECNC staff is trained and experienced in applying a variety of facilitation techniques based on biodiversity knowledge, getting the best out of meetings and stakeholders, covering a range of European languages.
  • Communication and public awareness: ECNC offers targeted and customized solutions to communicate biodiversity with various audiences.
  • Biodiversity for business and rural and urban development: ECNC’s approach towards the business sector focuses on identifying pro-biodiversity business opportunities and engaging small and medium-sized businesses into biodiversity and greening the economy.
  • Policy analysis and advice: ECNC offers expert advice and knowledge in support of the implementation and translation of international biodiversity policy at local and regional levels. ECNC staff is skilled in policy review, synthesis and analysis.
  • Capacity building and training programmes: Based on knowledge and experiences all over Europe, ECNC strengthens biodiversity capacity and skills of various stakeholder groups through tailor-made training sessions and learning networks.
  • Project development, coordination and implementation: as a project-based organization, ECNC has unique experience in biodiversity project cycle management from local to international levels.
  • Customized meeting organization: ECNC is an experienced organizer of a wide variety of biodiversity meetings, from small workshops to large-scale conferences and fairs, working with local partners anywhere in Europe.
  • Journal for Nature Conservation: in affiliation with ECNC, Elsevier publishes this scientific journal that focuses on interdisciplinary research for biodiversity, with a focus on Europe.