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ECNC is an independent European expertise centre for biodiversity and sustainable development. We promote an integrated approach for both land and sea and actively stimulate the interaction between science, society and policy.

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    Local Italian fishermen and diving community start collecting fishing nets for Healthy Seas

    From this week onwards, the more than 250 fishing boats based at the port of Ancona in Italy will start to collect their waste fishing nets for Healthy Seas. This is one of the res... Read more »

    From data to decision making: ‘The journey of a data point’

    ECNC's Ben Delbaere recently published the open access paper 'The journey of a data point' as editorial of the Journal for Nature Conservation. The journey is based on ECNC's exper... Read more »

    OpenNESS project team takes stock of progress

    The OpenNESS project is now a third of the way through its planned duration of four and a half years and we are making good progress. This was the main conclusion reached at a two-... Read more »